Lease from only $143 per week*

*The $143 per week price is for the BJ1051 Tray and excludes GST.


Wide Cab Space

Wide cab space, but in a compact format the Aumark C BJ1099 cab design is functional first and foremost. The large glass area provides good all round visibility.

Occupants have the peace of mind knowing that their truck’s cabin meets the internationally recognised European Structural Standards Regulation ECE-R29 for cab strength.

Logical & Functional

Whether it’s a short run or a longer drive, changing gears or activating the exhaust brakes, drivers will quickly appreciate the logical and functional layout of the BJ1099 cab that has seating for 3.

Powered by Cummins ISF 3.8l Engine

At the heart of the Aumark C is one name that needs no introduction: Cummins. The BJ1099 is powered by the latest generation Cummins ISF 3.8l engine, which provides 115kW of power and 500Nm of torque. Turbocharged and inter-cooled with a Bosch fuel injection system, the Cummins ISF engine provides the Aumark C with a premium powertrain that’s not found on any other light-duty trucks.

The Aumark S comes standard with a proven Cummins AdBlue system.

Cummins’ legendary serviceability, reliability and durability are guaranteed.

Coupled to the Cummins ISF 3.8l engine is the ZF 6S 500 6 speed manual transmission. ZF is a global leader in truck transmissions and this component is the perfect partner for optimising the Cummins ISF 3.8l engine.

Air Brakes

The Aumark C BJ1099 comes equipped with a full air braking system and includes an air park brake system.

Complementing the air brake system is an exhaust brake system that provides increased vehicle control and brake savings, by transforming Cummins horsepower into braking power.

Together with ABS (Anti-lock Brake System), the braking systems on the Aumark C BJ1099 provide high levels of dependable braking performance.

Electrical Power

24V Power System

The Aumark C BJ1099 comes equipped with a powerful 24 volt electrical sytem that provides increased reliability due to fewer problems with voltage drops.

Factory Warranty Overview

  • Manufacturers Vehicle Warranty of 3 years or 160,000km
  • Job Ready Truck Body Warranty of 1 year or 20,000km

Equipped for any task.

The Foton Job Ready™ range of light-duty trucks are ready to work, providing owners with extremely cost effective solutions.

The BJ1099 is available with a large steel drop side tray or box Body.

Lease now from $143 per week*

*The $143 per week price is for the BJ1051 Tray and excludes GST.


The multi-purpose Foton steel tray offers most users a cost effective ready to work, durable solution.

With inner dimensions (mm) of L: 3655 x W: 1900 x H: 400, the Foton steel tray provides a generous carrying capacity.Your Foton dealer can supply certified tie downs as an option. Whatever the task, the range of Foton Job Ready trucks are designed and manufactured for New Zealand applications.

Box Body

The Foton Box Body comes standard with 3 doors (1 x LH side & 2 x rear) providing ample flexibility for loading and unloading.

Constructed from composite panels (glass fibre reinforced polyester) that provide excellent mechanical properties (High stiffness but low weight). The door frames and door hardware (Hinges & latches) are constructed from stainless steel that provide longevity. An aluminium floor complete with aluminium kick panel provide a lightweight and durable floor finish. Our box bodies come equipped with a tail lifter designed to help you deliver. Whatever the task, the range of Foton Job Ready trucks are designed and manufactured for New Zealand applications.

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